HMUN is back !

HMUN is back everybody , and better than ever ! New members (and some of the good old originals ) , new year , but same determination . The preparations began in May and they are still going . So , each Wednesday all the futur delegates attend sessions that are dedicated to preparing them to represent in the best way the Lycée Pierre Mendès France at the Harvard model united nations simulation that will take place in Boston , in January !

You may say , “oh they got 4 months to prepare themselves , easy !” In fact , 4 months is a really short time and the rush already began ! Our stress level is increasing day after day , but overall , we can’t wait to be there and show what we are capable of ! So , with the help of our two advisors Mrs. Khalifa and mr. De Carli , or how they like to call themselves , our two “chaperones” ; we train every Wednesday from 4pm to 5:30 pm. The class is often split into two workgroups and each group is working on something that they need to improve to attend HMUN : either how to master the art of public speaking or to grasp our geopolitical knowledge.

Wait , have you heard about the interns ? Our interns are some younger would be delegates that are training with the actual ones for next year’s HMUN ! They will not be going this year , but they are the next generation that is going to be representing PMF at HMUN . Soooo , stay connected to know more about what is going to happen, next post is going to announce something big, a little teasing :  we are going to reveal which country we will be representing at HMUN !  (you can now begin the pronostics and tell us which one you are thinking about).

We hope you’ll keep following us during this exciting adventure! Next time , the one’s of you who are interested in HMUN will have to show us how well they know the club and answer a fun quizz !