HMUN 2019 – Boston: News at last !

Hello PMF… no update of the hmun page… but don t worry.

The members of the HMUN 2019  club are still alive.

The gr was indeed in Boston to take part in the Hmun conference …and no, they have not been detained by the US authorities … just by the Pmf teachers and their tests and exams.

The experience was awsome. The few photograps will give you an idea of the good mood and the hard work…

“Work hard and Have fun, enjoy”: key words we heard there all the time.

Be patient. The tired members will have a good rest and prepare a dazzling account of their trip ….sooooon

The 2 advisers or « chaperones », Brigitte Khalifa et Carlo De Carli

Here are some testimonies from the members of the club:

Photos perso des profs en attendant… celles des élèves:

Et un grand merci aux généreux sponsors :

  • HHW
  • Carthage Grains
  • Autoliv
  • Ste Eagle Marine
  • SCET Tunisie
  • Sotulub
  • Tankmed
  • Sorcobat
  • Ben Jemâa Motors
  • El Ajeri Lawyers


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